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Access Physical Therapy, Inc. was founded in 2010,a few years later Medical Access Group opened it's doors. both facilities are located in Westchester, IL. operations are run daily by Velma Smith and Jamie Smith. As an outpatient medical provider, we recognize how important it is receive quality treatment. At Medical Access Group our goal is to create a unique patient experience.


Our primary focus is to get you back to work and enjoying your Life!


Medical Access Group & Access Physical Therapy has over 5 years of combined experience in this industry handling worker’s compensation benefits cases for federal, state, city and private sector worker's, personal injury cases, impairment ratings, scheduled awards and does all correspondence with O.W.C.P


Private sector workers are in business & finance, computer & technology, construction, education, teaching & training, engineering & engineering technology, health & medical, legal criminal justice, media communications & broadcasting, office administration & management, production & manufacturing, professional & service, installation repair & maintenance, sales & marketing, transportation and moving.


If you have sustained an injury on your job or know someone who has, Give us a call today.

Our team of highly specialized medical & physical therapy groups has many years of combined sports and rehabilitation therapy experience. All which have a personal concern for helping each patient along their journey of returning to optimal health. You are a part of a family network who cares. It is why we continue to thrive in the medical & physical therapy industry due to our passion and concern of making sure each patient in our family network receives a quality medical & physical therapy experience.


A word from our Founder, Velma Smith:


As an employee in the medical field for over 15 years, I found out firsthand what it means to provide patients a recovery process in a comfortable professional friendly environment, Our goal for each patient is to help them return to optimal health and well-being. I personally suffered an injury on the job myself and it was through that experience that totally changed my life towards helping others. the moment I received treatment, I immediately felt the enthusiasm of the physical therapist who worked with me to achieving optimal health and helping me live better. It was that day I decided to apply my skills, knowledge and passion I had learned through the field of nursing to help others. Our Medical access group team goes the extra mile to make sure each patient feels as if they are a part of a family network who is with them each step of the way to get them  back to work and enjoying their lives!


Why to consider Medical Access Group & Access Physical Therapy?


Our office is located in Westchester, IL and we combine new ideas with fresh approaches to ensure that every federal, city, state and private sector worker that receives out patient treatment and care throughout

our facility will 100% get their worker’s compensation benefit’s claims APPROVED!


We believe in caring for the wellness of our patients and We are here for those looking to find a compassionate and dedicated support staff. We make time for our patients when they need us most, a time to listen and a time to care. Above all, we are here for you.



What do we help you achieve?

A 2nd CHANCE!  By empowering, informing and educating you throughout our facility treatment programs to get you back to work and balancing Life!

we enjoy having you as part of our family network!


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