Medical Access Group

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What exactly do we help you achieve?


A 2nd CHANCE! By assisting injured employee's every day, we empower, inform and educate them about their entitled benefits.


Entitled benefits:


*All medical is 100% workman’s compensation benefits. All expenses paid.


*Coverage includes surgery, physical therapy, medications, home care services, house cleaning services during recovery, transportation to appointments as needed per physician request.


*No co-pay, No out of pocket expenses for federal, state, city and private sector employees


*We help with scheduled award benefits which are TAX FREE! for federal, state and city employees


*Keep your current job, return to work and receive your award. It’s that simple!



         Were you ever injured on the job? 


Medical access group understands. Do you suffer from serious injuries like occupational disease, arthritis, diabetes, gout, fractures, falling, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff, knee, ankle, foot, back, shoulder, elbow, hands or wrist pain, you could have these types of injuries muscle, tendon and nerve injury. Give us a call today for an assessment

Did you know:


          If you are ever injured on the job; you have the RIGHT to file a report, with your employer.


patients receiving worker’s compensation benefit’s, Do not have to go to a doctor their employer directs them to; they can be sent for an opinion only.


          What we do: All Correspondence with O.W.C.P for Federal, State and city workers.


We handle worker’s compensation benefits cases for private sector workers also.


Private sector workers are in business & finance, computer & technology, construction, education, teaching & training, engineering & engineering technology, health & medical, legal criminal justice, media communications & broadcasting, office administration & management, production & manufacturing, professional & service, installation repair & maintenance, sales & marketing, transportation and moving.



If you have sustained an injury on your job or know someone who has, We can Help.


At Medical access group, we are a one-stop assessment facility, Our 2 locations combines new Ideas with fresh approaches to ensure that your worker’s compensation benefit’s claim get APPROVED!

Our primary focus is to get you back to work and balancing life!


Give us a call today! Phone: (708) 681-2991 or come by for an assessment, we're located: 10001 W. Roosevelt Road suite 224 Westchester, IL 60154





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